What began as a fascination developed into a body of work. It started when I was living in Dubai and became intrigued with the laborers' colorful headwear, known as a Gamcha.  A Gamcha is a colorful traditional cotton towel from India. The idea took form when I asked a worker if I could purchase his Gamcha. In the following months I began to trade the laborers'  gamchas in exchange for a care package consisting of a new gamcha and 10 dirhams. The gamchas stayed in my studio for several months until the idea to weave them together formed. The woven pieces incorporated fabric, photographs and found objects from construction sites. As I began to photograph and interact with the laborers  I was inspired to communicate their flight through my art. As I  transformed the gamchas into beautiful woven textiles they  also began to represent the power and passion found in Dubai and the men that have built it.